Live Out Random Acts of Kindness

Kindness is seeing a need and responding to it in a good and gracious way that truly benefits the person. Blessing others with random acts of kindness not only benefits those around you, but it also blesses you in return. Learning to have “kingdom eyes” and see the needs of the people around you will allow you to love the people in the world the way Christ loves them.


Proverbs 19:17
"Kindness to the poor is a loan to the Lord, and he will give a reward to the lender."


  • Ask God to open your eyes to see who needs your kindness.
  • Showing kindness does not need to be monetary; a smile, an encouraging word, or helping load some groceries are all great acts of kindness.
  • Build time into your everyday routine that allows you to make the time for acts of kindness.

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