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Welcome to the online Discover Southcliff Class!

Below you will find three items necessary for completion of the class. You can follow the process below or email to sign up for the next in-person class.

If you have questions or concerns during this process, please do not hesitate to ask. You can email or call the church office at 817-924-2241. I am praying that this process is helpful and informative and that God leads you precisely where He is calling you.

A Message from Pastor Marr

First, you will find a video. Our Senior Pastor Dr. Marr will introduce you to our core beliefs and mission. We want to be as transparent as possible with these important details.

The Membership Covenant

Second, you will find a link to our Membership Covenant. This form gives us information about you for us to process your membership should you decide to join. This document includes a section for your testimony or when you first came to surrender to Jesus.

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The GRACE Profile

Third, you will find our GRACE Profile. This profile will help us understand some of your gifts and abilities, allowing us to provide some suggested opportunities you might enjoy.

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