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Kid Connection - Sundays - 9:20am

Kid Connection is for K-4th grade and meets on Children's Hall (downstairs) on July 12, July 19 & July 26 at ... Read More


Discovery Lane - Sundays - 9:20am

Discovery Lane Preschool is where young children newborn to 5-years-old(Pre-K) learn that God loves them, God... Read More

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Teachers Return to School to Discover a Gift from Southcliff¯ May 13th

Southcliff has had a partnership with Alice D. Contreras Elementary School for almost 10...Read More

Urgent Volunteer Needs in the Midst of an Emergency.¯ March 29th

The City of Fort Worth has declared a “Stay at Home Declaration."  As you...Read More

A Gentile in the Holy Land¯ November 26th

I just returned from a trip to the Holy Land. This was not my first tour, but each time ...Read More

Young Adults Serve in Baltimore ¯ July 9th

Southcliff Young Adults travel to Baltimore to serve at The Transformation Center...Read More

1 day ago

Serve Pastor, Elliott Higgins will be bringing us a new series of messages on how to get refocus on what is importa…

2 days ago

If I am #missingthepoint, how can I fix it? Consider your motives & see others as equals. Who are you praying for…