Thrive Pathway Activity 65

Host "Matthew Parties"

Not long after Jesus called Matthew to be a follower of His, Matthew threw a party. He invited his tax collecting friends who were not held in very high esteem by the community and were far from God.  Matthew invited them to come and meet Jesus. It was an interesting way to introduce people who needed a relationship with Jesus to who Jesus was.

“Matthew Parties” are non-threatening, fun get-togethers planned for friends, family members, and/or acquaintances who are in need of a relationship with Jesus. These parties offer an opportunity to meet Christians in a relaxed environment. There is no formal presentation of the gospel. Instead, spiritual conversations are likely to just happen comfortably and naturally.


Matthew 9:10
“While Jesus was having dinner at Matthew’s house, many tax collectors and sinners came and ate with him and his disciples.”


  • Make sure the Christian friends you invite know that you want them to have natural and friendly spiritual conversations when they happen.
  • Mix Christian friends about evenly with non-believers.
  • Realize there may be some very worldly actions take place with non-believers such as coarse jokes, alcohol, etc.
  • Understand there does not need to be any resolution to the party with people accepting Christ as savior or making any decisions. It may be just that your non-believing friends walk away with a better view of Christians and what they are like.

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