Thrive Pathway Activity 35

Develop A Journal

As you grow as a Christian, it is important to be able to look back on your journey and see how God has worked in your life. This helps you develop an “eternal view” instead of a temporal view, meaning you can begin to see things from a larger perspective rather than being blinded by your current struggles.


Psalm 77:11-12
"I will remember the Lord’s works; yes, I will remember your ancient wonders. I will reflect on all you have done and meditate on your actions."


Decide how you would like to journal. Paper or electronic are both great ways.
Writing five points each day is a great way to start.

  • "You are amazing because..." affirmations or ways you have seen God move that day
  • Thank you for things for which you are grateful
  • Forgive me for sins that day
  • Help me things that God is wanting you to change
  • Help others prayer requests for other people

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