Thrive Pathway Activity 49

Develop Family Times

It is important that you not only grow your own spiritual life but also provide opportunities for your entire family to grow close to God and each other. God has given families through which to encourage, teach, and love each other. These family devotional times can happen spontaneously, but the best way is to make time for them in your schedule at a set time each week.


3 John 1:4
"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth."


  • Keep them short.
  • Make them a regular part of your week’s schedule.
  • Defend and protect the family devotional time you have created as much as possible.
  • Keep in mind that family time may change as you enter different phases of life.
  • Plan out a few thought provoking and open-ended questions. The Kid Connection and Discovery Lane take home sheets may help you with ideas. Make these times activity based to keep them engaging for young minds. Make the activity something that reinforces the point or would make the devotional time more memorable.

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