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9:20 AM Online Worship Service - 9:20am

You're invited to join us for our 9:20 AM worship service online. Read More


Student Sunday Gathering (Annex) - 9:20am

Student Sunday Gathering is our weekly gathering for students 7-12 grade. Students will enjoy fellowship, fo... Read More

The Latest

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Teachers Return to School to Discover a Gift from Southcliff¯ May 13th

Southcliff has had a partnership with Alice D. Contreras Elementary School for almost 10...Read More

Urgent Volunteer Needs in the Midst of an Emergency.¯ March 29th

The City of Fort Worth has declared a “Stay at Home Declaration."  As you...Read More

A Gentile in the Holy Land¯ November 26th

I just returned from a trip to the Holy Land. This was not my first tour, but each time ...Read More

Young Adults Serve in Baltimore ¯ July 9th

Southcliff Young Adults travel to Baltimore to serve at The Transformation Center...Read More

7 hours ago

Carolyn Neill was the first soloist to record for the Southcliff Favorites CD. Available Sun. Nov. 29, 2020, the S…

15 hours ago

Available Nov. 29, 2020, the Southcliff Favorites CD are songs of encouragement presented by the Southcliff Choir,…