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To thrive in worship means bringing glory to God with your daily life and worshiping weekly with your church family. Join the Southcliff family of worshipers each week to declare God's worth with all generations and backgrounds.

For information email worship@southcliff.com

If you plan on joining us on campus for worship, please fill out our "Welcome To Southcliff" form.

What is worship? Worship Rehearsal notes

Worship Vocal Groups:

Rehearse during the week and participate in weekly worship services, age related groups, special programs, mission trips, and recordings. For information email worship@southcliff.com.

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Worship Instrumental Groups:

Rehearse during the week and participate in weekly services, age related worship groups, special programs, mission trips, and recordings.

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Technical Teams:

Includes Broadcasting (camera operators, web support, media recordings), Lighting, Sound, Graphics and Projection, Video Editing/ Production, and Staging. Opportunities for training and leadership are available.

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Seasonal Worship Events

The Worship Ministry of Southcliff presents various ministry events throughout the year as opportunities and scheduling permits.

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Worship Fine Arts Studio:

This ministry provides excellent Christian instruction in the musical arts for all generations and backgrounds. Private study is offered in piano, guitar, percussion, drums, brass, woodwind, and voice. For more information contact the WFAS Director, Gail McMurtre at:  817-691-2582 or gail@southcliff.com.

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Southcliff Worship Ministry Recordings:

Southcliff’s most recent recording is Christmas Together featuring the Singing Christmas Tree. It is a collection of Christmas songs presented by the Southcliff Church choir, orchestra, band, and soloists and will be performed during this year's Singing Christmas Tree.

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