We believe that it is the parents who have the most influential voice in discipling and teaching their children about Jesus. Since that is no easy job, we want to come alongside you and help as an echo, speaking into your student’s life. Trust is a tricky thing… It takes a long time to earn, and it can all be lost in a moment. We want to earn your trust by communicating exceptionally well. Please take advantage of all of the ways we communicate and invite a partnership. To stay in the loop about what we’re teaching as well as upcoming events, sign up for our parent email. 


  • COVID 19
    Every part of our lives seems to have been upended. The respiratory illness that began as a relatively small outbreak in Wuhan, China has developed into a worldwide health crisis, and COVID-19 has taken tens of thousands of lives as nations across the world struggle to deal with over a million cases. It’s a lot to take in, but this Guide will equip you to discuss this unprecedented crisis with your teen.


  • Boredom
    This Parent Guide talks about how to respond when our teens complain about being bored, as well as whether filling every minute with activities is the best solution. We’ll explore when and whether boredom might actually be a good thing, how our understanding of success and productivity impacts the way we use our time, and how to help our families redeem the experience of boredom.
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    What in the world is TikTok? Why are teens and tweens obsessed with it? What should concern me about it? Should I let my kids use it? If you’ve ever had any of these questions, this Guide is for you. Get a crash course in the app and how to disciple your kids around it.

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  • Generation Z Distinctives
    How well do you know your teens? What influences them? How are they different from Millennials or other generations? If the generations have ever confused you, this Guide will walk you through them and what you need to know about Gen Z.
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  • Teen Dating 

The difference between how culture views dating and romance and how the Church views it can be so vastly different, one can’t help but wonder if there’s a happy middle ground. This Guide will help you prepare your kids for dating (or not) in the 21st century in a way that glorifies God and the people around them.

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