East Asia New Years Party

Celebrate the New Year at Southcliff!




You are invited to a night of food, fun, and music as we celebrate the Lunar New Year

Join us for a New Year's Party at Southcliff on Saturday, February 10. Everyone is encouraged to bring FOOD TO SHARE so that we can have a GIANT POT LUCK DINNER. 

Southcliff has members from East Asia who celebrate Chinese New Year, Korean Seollal, or VietnameseTết.  We come together each year to celebrate our culture, food, and friendship.  At our party, we will eat food, learn songs, watch fun videos, and have other fun activities.  Children are invited and we will have some fun activities especially for them.

Do you have a special outfit from East Asia?  If so, please wear it.  We will have photo booths and prized for best dressed!



Do you have to be from East Asia to attend?

No.  Everyone is invited and welcome to have fun, enjoy the food, and learn about other cultures.


Do you have to be a member of Southcliff Church to attend?
No. Invite friends to come and enjoy the event.  Everyone is welcome, no matter their religious beliefs.


Do I have to bring Asian food to attend?

One of the highlights of the event is trying new food.  However, you can bring pizza, fried chicken, cookies, or a bag of chips.  Even if do not bring any food, you are welcome to come and enjoy.  We will purchase extra food so that everyone will have plenty.


Will there be Children's Activities?
This is a family event.  Kids will eat with their parents.  We will have some fun stations in the Fellowship Hall with coloring pages and quiet games.  At one point in the evening, we plan to have some of our volunteers take the kids downstairs for 30 minutes of active games.

What time does the event end?
We plan to finish around 8:00 PM.



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