Missions Conference FAQ


Will the conference be Livestreamed or Available to watch later via video?
Some of our presenters are still facing persecution because of their witness for Jesus.  Because of this, there will be no video recording or streaming of this conference.

Will we be able to take photos / videos on our phones at the conference and post on social media?
We ask that this only be done with permission from the presenter.  We will give you more information at the conference.

What is the dress code?

We want you to be comfortable.  Casual dress is preferred.

We are coming from out of town, are discount hotels available?
Yes.  Check Out or Hotel Group Rates

Are children and youth allowed to attend the conference?
This conference will be age-appropriate for adults and high school students.  Some of the testimonies of persecution and abuse may be of a PG-13 nature and could be frightening for younger children.  While we will not restrict the attendance of children, we recommend that parents of younger children obtain childcare offsite so that both parents can fully engage in the content of the weekend.

If we choose to bring young children, what are your expectations?
All school-age children will need to register for the conference at the student rate.  We expect parents to be attentive to the needs of their children.  If content regarding persecution is disturbing, we will expect the parent to take the child out in order to help them process their thoughts and emotions.  If parents choose to bring infants, we ask that you sit in the back of the room and be ready to take the infant out if they need attention.  Once again, we recommend that parents find childcare offsite in order that they may take full advantage of the conference. 

Will there be opportunities to engage with cross-cultural ministries?
We will have tables set up in our concourse with several ministries who engage in cross-cultural ministry.  These include World Relief, Global Gates, Hope Literacy, Naya Jeevan, iHope Ministries, China, Aid, Nik Ripken Ministries, and others. We suggest that you arrive early on Friday in order to connect with them from 6 to 7 PM.  Another opportunity will be after lunch (before 2 PM) or right after the conference ends.  Some of these will also be present at Southcliff on Sunday morning.

We will also have our ESL EXPERIENCE workshop on Thursday night.  Visit our Eventbrite registration page to register for this workshop.  The cost is $10 and includes dinner.

Will food be provided on Friday and Saturday?
No.  However, during our extended lunch break on Saturday, you will be given a list of restaurants run by immigrants.  We encourage you to try some of the international food in our area.

Are there special plans for Sunday morning?
You are invited to our worship services on Sunday, October 9at 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM.  Nik Ripken will be preaching in both services.  We will also have music from some of our immigrant groups.  Some of the ministries will still be present in our concourse to speak with you.



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