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Thursday Morning Ladies - 9:00am

Bible Study and Fellowship for all ladies from 9:00-11:30 a.m. in Fellowship Hall. Childcare available. Read More


Children's Worship Team Rehearsal - 6:00pm

Thursday evening rehearsals for the Kid Connection Weekend Worship Team. Read More


Never Alone Ladies Ministry - 5:00pm

“Never Alone” ministry is a support group of women just for women. If you need to talk, or cry, or just n... Read More

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Southcliff Students Share at Beautiful Feet¯ October 25th

Here is a recap of our students Sharing at Beautiful Feet ...Read More

Short Term Serve Opportunities in the Tree¯ October 19th

It's the season to prepare for the Singing Christmas Tree and there are many short term ...Read More

Southcliff Celebrates a Biblical Holiday!¯ October 19th

What are a bunch of Baptists doing celebrating a Jewish holiday? Well, actually, it is ...Read More

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STARTING NOW: Saving Men from a Hyper Sexualized Culture Conference.

8 hours ago

(Heroic Ledership) lies precisely in the combination of nonnegotiable core beliefs and a willing embrace of change." - Chris Lowney