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Men's Golf Tournament/Fish Fry - 7:45am

Come along for a day of golf and fun, ending with the Tarrant Baptist Fish Fry at Riverbend Retreat Center. $... Read More


Men's Fish Fry - Riverbend - 4:30pm

Come along for an evening of food and fellowship at Riverbend Retreat Center. Guest Speaker: Al Meredith of W... Read More


ESL- Fall 2015 - 6:30pm

ESL-English as a Second Language and Citizenship classes offered each semester on Tuesday, 6:30-8:30 PM. The... Read More

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Southcliff Girls Choir at TCU¯ September 29th

Sunday afternoon, September 27 our Girls Choir sang the National Anthem to open the TCU ...Read More

Honoring Detective Furr¯ September 1st

My dad has been holding The Thin Blue Line for 30 years and is retiring tomorrow...Read More

Who Cares About Me?¯ August 13th

That question is easily answered by two ladies at Southcliff this week. Every Sunday our...Read More

Lighting Team¯ July 13th

The Southcliff lighting ministry team had an all day light training event with Doyle Mar...Read More

24 hours ago

This past weekend #GrowGroups talked about God's visual reminder of keeping His covenant. How are you reminded God's still in control?

2 days ago

Christianity is narrow because the focus of faith is Jesus. Jesus ALONE claimed to BE God. #ExploreGod #southcliff