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World Friends Kids Club, Fountains Apts - 6:30pm

Southcliff's World Friends Kids Club is a "Backyard Bible Club" type event for children at the Fountains Apar... Read More


World Friends Cafe, Fountain Square Apartments - 6:30pm

Southcliff's World Friends Cafe is a discussion group for adults at the Fountain Square Apartments. We meet ... Read More


Adult Grow Groups - 8:15am

Grow Groups for Adults (no childcare provided at this hour) Read More

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Southcliff Girls Choir at TCU¯ September 29th

Sunday afternoon, September 27 our Girls Choir sang the National Anthem to open the TCU ...Read More

Honoring Detective Furr¯ September 1st

My dad has been holding The Thin Blue Line for 30 years and is retiring tomorrow...Read More

Who Cares About Me?¯ August 13th

That question is easily answered by two ladies at Southcliff this week. Every Sunday our...Read More

Lighting Team¯ July 13th

The Southcliff lighting ministry team had an all day light training event with Doyle Mar...Read More

5 days ago

Love to decorate for Christmas? Join us Sunday Nov 29th from 5-6pm as we put up trees and decor all over campus. #christmas #decorating

5 days ago

Have questions? New to Southcliff? Looking for a place to connect. #southcliff #prayforparis #ftw #hulenmall