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Ladies Exercise Class - 6:30pm

Led by Tanya Marr, this class is for ladies 18 and older. The focus is on strength and agility. If you are a ... Read More


ESL- Spring 2015 - 6:30pm

ESL-English as a Second Language and Citizenship classes offered each semester on Tuesday, 6:30-8:30 PM. The... Read More


Uplink Labs - 6:15pm

Preteens in 5th - 6th Grade join us in Uplink Labs, where we put into practice the things we're learning in G... Read More

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Children's Worship Choir Ministers Outside the Walls¯ April 13th

Children's Worship Choir sings and fellowships with residents at Wedgewood Nursing in Fo...Read More

Taking the Gospel to the Caribbean¯ March 30th

Spring 2015 Young Adults and Choir Mission trip to the Domincan Republic...Read More

Focus on Global Persecution of Christians¯ February 28th

How should Christians in America relate to their persecuted brothers and sisters around ...Read More

Prayer Requests from our Share Partners¯ February 23rd

Pray for our Share Partners who are serving around the world...Read More

4 hours ago

John the Baptist was an example of how honest #faith can co-exist with honest #doubt. #doubtersanon #SouthcliffFW

10 hours ago

Yesterday in Grow Groups our memory verse was Habakkuk 2:4, "...But the righteous one will live by his faith."