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Young Married's Marriage Retreat - 7:00pm

Southcliff Young Marrieds will be enjoying a Marriage Retreat at Riverbend Retreat Center. Enjoy a time of en... Read More

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Guest Artist, Scott Mulvahill¯ February 12th

Guest artist, Scott Mulvahill was at Southcliff...Read More

Choir and Orchestra Rehearsals Have Begun !¯ January 8th

A new year and a new start for choir and orchestra. Now is a great time to join!...Read More

More than a Cup of Coffee¯ November 30th

For many years now, Southcliff has been able to greet you on Sunday mornings with a grea...Read More

Get to Know Matt Papa¯ October 9th

Matt Papa will be at Southcliff on October 14...Read More

1 week ago

As this week ends, what has God illuminated to you in your personal walk with Him?