Worship Fine Arts Studio is a ministry of
Southcliff Baptist Church
Worship Ministry.

It supports the Worship strategy in various ways, including, but not limited to:
  • Providing excellent Christian instruction in the musical arts for all generations and backgrounds in an encouraging environment
  • Developing future worship leaders
  • Providing opportunities for student participation in ensembles, various programs, and worship services

    Private study is offered in piano, voice, guitar, percussion, drums, brass, and woodwind. Lessons are offered on a weekly basis in 30 minute blocks. To provide consistency and an atmosphere conducive to learning, all WFAS lessons are taught at Southcliff Baptist Church ~ No exceptions.
    Student registration fee: $50.00 per student ($25 for Southcliff members).
  • Lessons are currently offered in person, or online (through facetime or zoom).

    It is important for students to hear other students play/sing. There is also great value in students ’performing in public. Therefore, each student will be REQUIRED to attend and play/sing on the end of the semester recital and should plan to remain for the entire time.
    Adult students are not required to perform on recitals.


    FALL SEMESTER: 14 lessons (August 23-December 3, 2021)
    WFAS 2021 Fall Deadline for New Students is August 20, 2021

    SPRING SEMESTER: 17 lessons (January 4-May 8, 2021)
    WFAS 2021 Spring Deadline for New Students is January 4, 2021

    30-minute lessons are $90 per month for nine months Total yearly tuition - $810
    45-minute lessons $132 per month for nine months Total yearly tuition - $1188
    60-minute lessons $180 per month for nine months Total yearly tuition - $1620
    The monthly rate is for the convenience of billing and is not related to the number of lessons in a particular month.  

    SUMMER SEMESTER: $25 per lesson (a student may choose to take as many as 8 lessons, but no fewer than 3).
    WFAS 2021 Summer Deadline is May 17, 2021
    Sumer Semester is May 17-July 31, 2021

    Guidelines for Face to Face Lessons
  • WFAS is open weekly, Monday-Thursday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Teachers will wear masks for each lesson
  • Instruments, chairs, and music stands will be cleaned with disinfectant after each lesson, hand sanitizer is available in each room
  • Parents and students will enter and leave through the fob entry and stay in the designated area during a lesson
  • Social distancing will be practiced in the hallways, masks are optional for students and family members
  • Lesson room doors will remain open unless another lesson in the next room is in progress
  • Parents may wait outside the lesson room or in the designated waiting area
  • If you or your student is running a fever or not feeling well the day of a lesson, please reschedule for that day

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*For more information please contact
Gail McMurtre, WFAS Director, at:
817-681-4162 or gail@southcliff.com