Southcliff Student Grow Groups are for all student sin grades 7-12. 
Grow Groups are an opportunity for spiritual growth that is provided weekly. During these age and gender specific groups, students dig deep in God's word and learn more about what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Each Grow Group is led by an adult that has been approved by theStudent Ministry staff and has comleted a background check. Grow Groups meet in the Annex.

God Speaks to HIs People 

  • Sept 1 Session 1: The Pictures of God's Authority
  • Sept 8 Session 2: The Signs of God's Presence
  • Sept 15 Session 3: The Gifts of God's Power
  • Sept 22 Session 4: The Visions of God's Strength

God Judges the Sin of His People

  • Sept 29 Session 1: A Rebellious People receive Mercy
  • Oct 6 Session 2: An Unfaithful People Receive Love
  • Oct 13 Session 3: An Idolatrous People Receive Judgment

God Shows Mercy to His People

  • Oct 20 Session 1: God Promises a Suffering Servant
  • Oct 27 Session 2: God Receives the People's Repentance
  • Nov 3 Session 3: God Declares a New Covenant
  • Nove 10 Session 4: God Answers a Confused Prophet
  • Nov 17 Session 5: God Disciplines a Rebellious People 
  • Nov 24 Session 6: God Pictures a Future Hope