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Mission Trips

are an important part of our SHARE strategy.  By travelling to another city, or even another country, participants are able to engage people where they live.  Our goal is simple: to cooperate with God and His people who are already at work around the world.





Southcliff's mission trips are unique in that they are planned out of established relationships which we have with coworkers around the globe.
We often will return to an area again and again as we seek to make a long term impact in that community.

[Thrive Pathway 51, 40, 36]

2020 mission trips

New Orleans Mission trip

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tokyo 2020

Next summer, the world will fix their eyes on Tokyo for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Millions from across the globe will flock to the world’s largest city to cheer on their country’s best athletes.

Southcliff invites you as we partner with the International Mission Board to plant gospel seeds and reach people for Christ.  Japan is less than .5 percent evangelical Christian, making the Japanese the second-largest unreached people group in the world. We will be assisting Japanese churches, IMB missionaries, and others as we share the love and message of Christ with Japanese people and tourists from around the globe. 

We will also focus on Bible distribution to Chinese tourists through the Southern Cross Project.  You can be a part of giving God’s word to hundreds of people who have never seen a Bible.

Will you help us reach the nations of the world in Tokyo?

tokyo 2020 - spring Mission trip


tokyo 2020 - adults and families

tokyo 2020 - olympic outreach

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