Uplink Grow Groups

Preteens will have the opportunity to test out the things they're learning by participating in a Grow Group.  They will also occasionally serve within the church, or share in the community. Wednesday nights will typically include a time of games, snacks, and hanging out, but the focus of the night will be a small group discussion of God's word using the Scriptural passage preteens studied on Sunday Morning.  This allows them to explore God's word more deeply and challenge each other to grow in knowledge about who God is and obedience to what He wants us to do.  We use the following acronym to guide our studies together:

S – Is there a SIN to confess or avoid?

P – Is there a PROMISE from God to claim?

E – Is there a good EXAMPLE to follow or a bad one to avoid?

C – Is there a COMMAND from God to obey?

K – Is there KNOWLEDGE about who God is or how he works?

A – How can you APPLY this passage to your life?  What will you do this week to LIVE what you LEARNED?


What time do we meet?

Uplink Grow Groups meet on Wednesdays from 6:15 - 8:00 PM.

Where do we meet?

Uplink Grow Groups meet in the Uplink Cafe' in the Annex Building located across the street from the main building.

What should be worn?

Preteens can come dressed just as they would for school. Modest dress is expected.


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For more information or any questions you may have contact the Preteen Director, Gabriel Verrone, at 682-583-3135 or gabe@southcliff.com


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