When do we meet?

Uplink students meet on Sundays from 9:20- 10:45 AM for a time of worship. On Wednesdays, our Uplink Grow Groups meet from 6:15- 8:00 PM.

Where do we meet?

The Uplink Ministry meets in the Uplink Cafe in the Annex.

What age group attends Uplink?  

Uplink is for current 5th and 6th grade students.

What curriculum do we use?  

Our Sunday morning our students use Lifeway's "Gospel Project" curriculum.  This curriculum is used by grow groups of all ages across Southcliff to facilitate families discipling their children.  By studying the same curriculum at the same time, spiritual conversations about what God is teaching each member of the family in His word become a little easier!  On Wednesday nights Grow Groups use the Scirptural passage from Sunday morning in a discussion group format. This allows them to explore God's word more deeply and challenge each other to grow in knowledge about who God is and obedience to what He wants us to do.  We use the following acronym to guide our studies together:

S – Is there a SIN to confess or avoid?

P – Is there a PROMISE from God to claim?

E – Is there a good EXAMPLE to follow or a bad one to avoid?

C – Is there a COMMAND from God to obey?

K – Is there KNOWLEDGE about who God is or how he works?

A – How can you APPLY this passage to your life?  What will you do this week to LIVE what you LEARNED?

Who are the teachers for Uplink?

All of our teachers are active members who feel called to work with Preteens. They have all completed the "Reducing the Risk" screening process.

Where do I drop my preteen off?

Parents may drop their child off at the Annex Building located to the east of Southcliff's main building. Preteens can then follow the signs to the cafe located upstairs. For more details, download this helpful pdf.

For more information or any questions you may have contact the Preteen Director, Gabriel Verrone, at 682-583-3135 or gabe@southcliff.com