Discovery LanE

On Sunday mornings at Discovery Lane, your child will encounter engaging Bible-based instruction and loving interaction with caring adults. While you are in the worship service or Grow Group, your child will be having their own worship experience! Our babies are rocked and loved by some of our most faithful volunteers! Every week they will see the same faces that sing to them, pray for them, and share the very beginnings of the gospel message. 

We teach the Word of God to our youngest generations. In our infant and baby classes the teachers speak Bible verses and truths to children as they tend to thier physical needs. Our crawlers and walkers learn more basic truths about God through play and guided activities. If the child is verbal we encourage them to repeat a Bible verse. As the volunteers play with our children, they are able to build the foundation that will shape your child’s life. Children ages 2-4 participate in a large group/small group setting. The children will begin in their age appropriate classroom, and then come out to large group for a time of singing, dancing and an interactive Bible story. After large group, they go back to their classroom for crafts and a snack and repeat the information from the Bible story. 

Kids picture

Our 2-year-old through 4-year-old classes are divided based on age of child as of September 1 of the current year. Younger children’s classes are divided based on developmental stage. Each room is equipped with age-appropriate toys, learning areas, and activities for the children. The teachers in the rooms are ready to welcome your child into a thriving relationship with Christ. 


At Southcliff, we take your child’s safety very seriously. Every child is given a security badge nametag with a randomly selected number printed on it. Each parent is given a corresponding tag with the number and no name printed. Teachers check to make sure every child has a tag when dropped off. The child will only be released to the parent with the security tag. If the tag has been lost, the parent must report to the preschool director who will ask for photo id. Siblings are not allowed to pick up children. Each adult on Preschool Hall has been through an interview and background check before working with your child. They are active members of our church who have a passion for children's ministry.


More questions? Check out the Parents Questions Answered or contact the Preschool Ministry Director