On Sunday Mornings at Kid Connection, children will experience biblical learning and worship in fun and age approprieate ways. In large group time, the children will experience Bible stories, games, and biblical videos all designed to guide your child into a thriving relationship with Christ.

Our goal is to guide our children into a thriving relationship with Christ.  There are four (4) relationships that can define a thriving Christian life.  It is these four (4) relationships that we have built for our children's ministry around.

A Growing Relationship with God
At Southcliff we will teach the gospel and guide the children to deepen their walk with God.
A Healthy Relationship with Family
We will teach the importance of family and the child’s role as a member of a family.
An Active Relationship with the Church
We will teach the importance of service and fellowship as a member of the church and provide opportunities for our children to live out.
A Missional Relationship with the World
We will encourage the children to engage the world around them in a biblical manner