We provide Grow Groups for all ages, Preschool through Senior Adults and we do our best to connect with your stage in life. We have groups that meet on Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings, or different nights of the week. 

Sunday Grow Group Overview


8:15 AM

Adults Only.  Mixed groups.  Women. Men.

9:20 AM

Preschool, Children (Grades K-4),  Preteen (Grades 5-6 in Annex), Students (Grades 7-12 in Annex), Adults of all ages and stages in life, as well as adult gender-specific groups.

11:00 AM

Preschool,   Children (Grades K-4), College. Young Adults. Newlyweds. Young Married.  Men. Women.  Adults of All Ages.

Complete Listing of Grow Groups


WEDNESDAY Grow Overview


5:30-6:30 PM

We provide an opportunity for dinner as a family before evening activities begin.  The cost varies per vendor.

6:30 PM

Three adult groups currently meet on Wednesday evenings:

Pastor's Bible Study meets each week in Room E113 to join together for a mid-week look at God's Word and a time of prayer for those on our list with needs.

Southcliff Servers is a group especially for those serving in other areas on Sundays. They meet in Room E106.

Married with Children's Group  meets in Room E205, The Loft.

Young Married - Wednesdays meets in Room E214/216.  Newlywed or Nearlywed Couples in their 20s meet together for Bible Study and Fellowship each Wednesday at 6:30 PM


Need help finding a group?

Email grow@southcliff.com to get help finding a Grow Group.