Better Together.

At Southcliff you will find a diverse group of men and women who support one another as they seek to live a life of faith in the real world.  Our primary point of connection for adults are Grow Groups.  These are small groups which primarily meet on Sunday mornings. Adult Grow Groups are offered for every phase of life, from Young Adults (single or married), parents of children or teens, empty nesters, men, women, and senior adults. Many adults also find that joining a Serve Team or taking part in a Share Experience with other adults is a great way to connect with others.   

We believe that challenging adults in three areas is essential. First, we want to challenge each adult in their own walk with the Lord. Secondly, we want to encourage and foster relationships that are centered in Christ. And third, we want to challenge parents to take the primary leadership role for the spiritual development of their children. We believe that these three areas build on one another and provide the key ingredients to couples embracing the biblical plan for the home.

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