The Kate:  An Unengaged, Unreached People Group

The "Kate" people live in the hills of Southern Laos.  This ethnic group has an identity separate from their neighbors--with their own language, culture, and religion.  Very little is know about this group who lives in remote area of a country which is isolated from much of the world's influence.  The entire population of this people group is around 700.  There is no known translation of scripture in their language, no known missionary work among their people, and no known Christ-followers among the Kate.

As a part of the "Embrace the Ends of the Earth" strategy, Southcliff has adopted the Kate people of Laos.  This means that we are asking our church family to pray daily for the Kate.  We are also planning a trip to Laos in order to meet these people. 

Will you join us in praying for the Kate?


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