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Teachers Return to School to Discover a Gift from Southcliff — May 13th

by Dr. Stu Cocanougher, Share Strategy Pastor

The teachers at Alice D. Contreras Elementary School left their classrooms for Spring Break on March 6 not knowing that they would not return to the school until this week. The FWISD school had to switch to distance learning because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Because of this, most of the teachers had not been on campus until this week in order to prepare for the end of the school year.

These teachers discovered that during the Southcliff Spring BreakOut (March 8-11), a group of Southcliff volunteers completely remodeled the teacher's lounge. Our team cleaned the room, painted the walls, placed furniture, appliances, & wall art, and installed a back splash. You can see before and after photos below...


One teacher posted on Facebook: “Thank you Southcliff Baptist Church for the beautiful new teacher's lounge at Alice Contreras Elementary. It is was such a nice surprise and looks very comfy and cozy.” 

Southcliff Church family, thank you for your weekly tithes and offerings, a portion of which went to make this project possible!

Southcliff has had a partnership with Alice D. Contreras Elementary School for almost 10 years. Our Reading Buddies program pairs Southcliff volunteers with students to work on reading skills.