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A Gentile in the Holy Land — November 26th

Dr. Marr reflects on the hightlight of his recent trip to Israel.

I just returned from a trip to the Holy Land. This was not my first tour, but each time I go provides a unique experience. With each visit, I learn something new and I return with an even greater appreciation for the Bible.

To me, it is the connection to the way we read the Bible that provides the greatest benefit to these trips. When we have been to a place mentioned in scripture, our mind brings us back to those images as we read about it in the text. That visual picture, coupled with the information we learned while there makes the Bible come alive! I often tell those who accompany me on these trips that they will never read the Bible the same way once they have been there.

When we return, my fellow travelers offer those same words as testimony of their experience.

I mentioned that each trip offers a unique experience – this year’s highlight did not come from a biblical site. As thrilling as it is to walk where Jesus walked, this year it was not what God had done in the past that grabbed my heart, but rather what God is doing in the present. He is still at work in this land he loved among the people He loved!

At the conclusion of our trips I like to take our group to a worship service in a thriving ministry in Jerusalem – The King of Kings Community. This dynamic ministry is a living example of how God continues to move in the great land. As we praised Yeshua together, my heart was full and I sang as a Gentile in the Land of Promise alongside my Jewish brothers and sisters, that “I am a Child of God, Yes I Am!”