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Young Adults Serve in Baltimore — July 9th

The Transformation Center Transforms Lives--Even Ours!

The Lord called twenty-two individuals from Southcliff’s Young Adults to the The Transformation Center in Baltimore, Maryland. The Transformation Center is led by Pastor Brian Zimmerman, and their credo is “Transformation’s possible.”

Baltimore is a broken city is with poverty, drugs, and prostitution; however, God is transforming Baltimore by allowing the schools and churches to use The Transformation Center in the community.

During the week of June 25-July 1, we did prayer walks each morning and stop to pray over the people and the community. We worked on restoring the Chapel by removing an old sound booth and repainting walls and hallways. On Wednesday evening, a group went out on the streets passing out flyers for a block party. Later in the week, we met up with these individuals and had discussions about their faith.

A man named Bo attended the block party, and a few days later a small group ministered to him in his house. Bo has recently stopped depending upon drugs and seeks to be a better father and example to his daughter. We prayed for Bo that the Lord would keep providing for him and continue to pull him closer so that he would be an example in Christ for his daughter.

The Lord is working in Baltimore, and the “take away” is how Christ can transform others’ lives by each of us living for Him in our day-to-day lives.