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Southcliff Students go to Spain — July 1st

By Eric Putman, Youth Minister

Southcliff Students had the amazing privilege to serve in Spain June 5 to June 14. We had a team of 38 students and leaders who served in a variety of ways in Madrid, Segovia, and Toledo. We split into 3 different teams and went into 3 different cities to distribute Chinese Bibles and Spanish tracks throughout the area. We were able to hand out over 1,000 of these items throughout our time in Spain.

Another ministry we worked with was On the Red Box Ministries. This is an Assembly of God organization based out of Madrid that trains people to share their 2 minute testimony in the public square. We had a day of training and practicing out testimonies. Students then spent the next 3 days spending an hour in prayer and then going to the downtown plaza in Madrid to share their testimony while standing on a red box. Our team saw 16 decisions to follow Christ from these testimonies.

The students who went on this trip really stepped out of their comfort zone. Many of them grew closer to the Lord. Here are a few quotes from some of our students.

“Spain reminded me how powerful prayer is. Prayer brought us closer as a youth group. God’s power is truly unstoppable.”

“Spain was truly an eye opener for me. People struggle a lot more than I do and it made me realize that I am so lucky to have been rescued by Jesus Christ.”

“This pain Mission Trip taught me to go out of my comfort zone to spread God’s word.”

After serving in Madrid with Southern Cross and On the Red Box Ministries, my hope is that our students are not only equipped to share the gospel in their everyday life but that their eyes are opened to our needs right here in Fort Worth. My desire is that they understand that missions isn’t just a trip you take, but it’s a life that Christ has called us all to lead.

Many people at Southcliff supported our students financially and with prayer. We can’t thank you enough for being involved and giving our students this opportunity. If you know someone who was a part of our trip to Madrid, ask them about their experience. Everyone who went has a story they would love to share with you.