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More than a Cup of Coffee — November 30th

by Stu Cocanougher, Share Pastor

If you are like me, you really enjoy coffee in the mornings.  For many years now, Southcliff has been able to greet you on Sunday mornings with a great selection of brewed coffees and even a full espresso bar.  Drinks are free to guests and are available for a “donation” to regular attenders, but do you know where that donation goes?

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For the past several years, all of the donations collected at our coffee bar goes to fund our Southcliff Summer Missions program.  Every summer, we send out a select team of young adults who serve alongside some of our Share Partners.  In the past, they have served in Taiwan, Laos, and Serbia for summer missionary assignments averaging 6-9 weeks.  One of the problems with mission trips is that teams only stay on the field for one or two weeks.  While a lot for the Kingdom can be done in a week, our teams that stay 6 weeks or more are able to form relationships with people in on the mission field. 

 Not only is the Summer Missions program a blessing to our missionary partners, but it also allows our young adults to have the experience of living the life of a missionary for a summer.  For some of them, this experience will shape the course of their lives.  This was true for me.  When I boarded a plane to spend 10 weeks in the Philippines during the summer of 1986, I had never visited a foreign country.  This experience showed me that God was so much bigger than I imagined.  I realized that God was doing some amazing things around the world, and He was inviting His church to participate with Him.  By investing in our summer missions program at the Southcliff coffee bar, you are investing in both mission work and the spiritual formation of our young adults.

 All of the coffee supplies at our coffee bar are taken out of Southcliff’s missions account.  This means that 100% of the funds collected at our coffee bar go to our Young Adult Summer Missions program.  As your Share Strategy Pastor, I want to say “Thank You” for the investment that you make in missions via our coffee bar.  The next time you grab a cup of coffee and put a dollar or two in the jar, know that you are investing in a lot more than meets the eye.