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Get to Know Matt Papa — October 9th

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Matt Papa is a songwriter, worship leader and author whose heart longs to see people from every corner of the world set ablaze by the love of God that is in Christ Jesus. It is his passion to lead people into an encounter with the risen Lord.

Matt has ministered all over the world alongside gifted communicators such as David Platt, John Piper, Matt Chandler, Francis Chan, Rick Warren, Tim Keller, David Nasser and many more leading songs like "Come Behold The Wondrous Mystery," "Christ The Sure and Steady Anchor," and "His Mercy Is More." 

Matt Papa is a delightful combination of gifted musician and songwriter, loving husband, father, and inquisitive theologian. And with all those roles and attributes, he remains ever-focused on a singular goal: to help people see the beauty and glory of Jesus.

The past few years for Matt, his wife Lauren and their four children have been shifting sands to say the least.  They uprooted from North Carolina, where their family began, then lived in Georgia for a year before settling in Nashville.

Papa, a veteran of record deals with nine albums under his belt, finds himself in a new season of life -  as an indie artist (again) who is now mentoring other worship leaders and songwriters, and listening for the call of God on his life while continuing to write the songs and hymns that are inspired from his life’s pursuit.

 Papa has had the opportunity to teach a number of songwriting and worship conferences as well as lead disciple now events and retreats for local churches around the country. These gatherings have allowed him to mentor young songwriters and inspire church worship teams to pursue the heart of God, chase songs and to find a voice for their own art. 

Matt Papa and Tyler Mount will be performing original songs on Sunday morning, October 14 in both worship services as well as at the MissionFest 2018 “Night of Global Missions” at 6:00 PM.