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Become a Foreign Missionary in Your Own Home — August 30th

by Stu Cocanougher, SHARE Pastor

Do you have a loving home and an extra bedroom?  Did you know that every year thousands of high school students from all around the world seek to have the "American experience" by become a foreign exchange student in the U.S.  These students come for a diverse list of countries such as Germany, Turkey, China, Thailand, Columbia, South Korea, and Spain.  These students are open to learning about your family, your culture, even your faith.

Southcliff families have had a long history of hosting foreign exchange students.  Many of these students are still in contact with their host families to this day.  Some have even become followers of Christ while at Southcliff.

Hosting a high school exchange student is truly becoming a missionary in your own home.  Students come from a variety of backgrounds—many of they are atheist/agnostic.  Others include—Buddhists from Asia, secular Muslims from Turkey, nominal Catholics & Protestants from Europe and South America, and energetic Christians from Korea and other parts of the world who are hungry to grow spiritually.

Are you open the possibility of opening your home to a high school student from another country?  Right now, there are over 70 students on a waiting list to come to the U.S. through an organization known as “Share!”  This organization has been around since 1974—connecting families with foreign exchange students (this organization is not officially connected to Southcliff's "share" strategy).

If you are interested in finding out more about hosting a student this semester, you might start by looking at .  You can also get your questions answered by calling the Dallas office at 800.941.3738

I hope that you will consider hosting a student this semester.  I know that it has the potential of being a valuable experience for both you and the student.

As always, let me know about your experience in reaching out.  Feel free to contact me at or call the church at 817-924-2241.

Stu Cocanougher