Worship Center Greeter


When a guest or member enters the doors of the Worship Center, a greeter is waiting to provide a warm and genuine word of welcome and a church bulletin. Greeters serve on the frontlines of the church’s hospitality ministry and provide a positive first impression for guests and have a key role in setting the tone for the experience many people have at the church.

Responsible to

Worship Center Greeter Coordinator

Description of Duties

  • Welcome visitors to the church with a smile, warm handshake, and pleasant greeting.
  • Be prepared to serve: arrive 20 to 30 minutes before the service begins and wear name tag to help visitors identify you.
  • Help visitors find, restrooms, coffee and other refreshments, location of worship services, etc.
  • Introduce visitors to others in the church family to make them feel welcome.
  • Direct guests to one of the guest welcome centers if needed.
  • Greet members and regular attendees to make them feel welcome to church each week.
  • As you chat with members, try to hone in on their interests and needs as well.
  • Help all who enter the church’s doors in any way you possibly can.

Time Requirements

Greeters are encouraged to serve weekly. One advantage to serving weekly is that greeters will more quickly learn the faces and names of church members and/or regular attendees and therefore more quickly identify visitors to the church. Greeters can expect to serve approximately 40 minutes a week: arriving 20 to 30 minutes before the service begins, and waiting near the entrance(s) after the services begin to assist visitors who don’t arrive on time.


Time is the best way to learn who is a regular and who is a guest. Greeters are encouraged to serve for increments of one year. This will allow for greeters to learn and make friends in their area of ministry.

Training and Resources

Observe experienced greeters in action; instructional videos found on Southcliff’s website. The greeter coordinator can also provide training or answer questions about fulfilling the duties of the position.

Qualifications, Skills, and Gifts

  • People-oriented and friendly
  • Outgoing and personable.
  • Cheerful and warm; easy to approach.
  • Eager to welcome people to services.
  • Knowledgeable of locations of various ministries and programs within the church.
  • Able to provide knowledge yet focus more on communicating friendliness and relationship above all else.
  • Gifts of hospitality, encouragement, helps, and mercy.

BENefits to the Worker

Knowing that you’ve served on the frontlines of welcoming newcomers and regular attendees to the church; using your gifts to serve God and others. Serving as a greeter is an excellent way to meet new friends and to set the tone for their worship experience.