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Title Topic Date Speaker
Partial Obedience is Disobedience 08/12/18 Dr. Carroll Marr
Living Above the Circumstances 08/05/18 Dr. Carroll Marr
The Royal Inheritance 07/29/18 Elliott Higgins
Life's Load Bearing Pillar 07/22/18 Elliott Higgins
A People with a Purpose 07/15/18 Elliott Higgins
Robe of Righteousness 07/08/18 Elliott Higgins
Free Indeed 07/01/18 Elliott Higgins
Unhindered 06/24/18  
The Difference Between a Victim and a Victor 06/17/18 Dr. Carroll Marr
Anchors for the Storms of Life 06/10/18 Dr. Carroll Marr
Three Judges, Three Decisions 06/03/18 Dr. Carroll Marr
An Encouraging Word 05/27/18 Dr. Carroll Marr
Sent 05/20/18 Eddie Williams
From Vision to Reality 05/13/18 Dr. Carroll Marr
Courageous Conviction 05/06/18 Dr. Carroll Marr
A Hard Goodbye 04/29/18 Dr. Carroll Marr
A Missionary with Power 04/22/18 Dr. Carroll Marr
Why Does God Allow His People to Suffer? 04/15/18 Dr. Charles Stewart
Going Public - The Importance of Baptism 04/08/18  
Celebrate the Lord's Supper 03/25/18 Dr. Carroll Marr