Share Day

Share Day events are designed to help families teach thier children about sharing God's love with others. We work with community agencies who meet the needs of under resourced families in our community to meet their needs in simple yet meaningful ways.

Sharing with others by meeting thier needs is an essential part of living a thriving life for Christ. So, make plans to bring the whole family to these special days of loving God through loving others.

Our next Share Day is Sunday, October 15 starting at 12:30 PM in Southcliff's Fellowship Hall. We will begin with a pizza lunch (please bring $2 per family member) then we will go into our community and deliver information about the upcoming Convoy of Hope.

Convoy of Hope is a national program that coming to south Fort Worth on Saturday, October 28 at Southwest High School meeting the needs of under resourced community members. For more information see the Share table in the Southcliff concourse or go to

Game Days is fun with a purpose. People all around us are in need of a relationship with Jesus and all they might need is to be invited to join us as we grow our relationship with Him. Game Days are designed for us to meet our neighbors while playing a family friendly game of kickball. Bring the whole family to Game Day and you might change someone's life for eternity.

Our next Game Day is Saturday, October 21 at Foster Park (Selkirk and South) at 11:00. We will begin with a church wide picnic (just bring a lunch for your family) and then at 1PM we will beging the games!


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