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Friday, May 25 at 6:30 PM in Southcliff's Fellowship Hall

Fun for the entire family! This is a night designed to celebrate the past year in Uplink with a look to the future, all while participating in racing pinewood derby cars built by our students and their families. Purchase your car kits for just $3 in the Uplink Cafe or in the children's area on Sundays or Wednesday nights then create a car to race. Bring the whole family on May 25 at 6:30 PM to race your car against all the other cars entered by students and their families.There will be prizes for fastest and funniest cars and we will be looking back at all the great times of the past year and seeing what our students have learned about the God who loves them so much! We also will have a sneak peek into things that will be happening this next year! You won't want to miss this great night! For more information on this fun night contact the Preteen Director, Gabriel Verrone, at or call/text him at 682-583-3135.


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