The men in our deacon body are very active in the life of Southcliff  in a wide variety of areas. From taking care of children on Preschool  Hall, to assisting widows, to serving on committees and all points in  between; you’ll find this group of men taking the lead with a servant’s heart and attitude. To learn more about the process of nominating someone for the office of deacon or becoming a deacon, please click on the following links:

Election Process    Position Statement      Nominee Questionnaire     Constitution and Bylaws

Our deacons would love to assist you and your family in any way
they can.  Here is a list of our current active deacons:

Andrew Butler
Glenn Brown
Mike Shotwell
Andy Anderson
Hubert Godby
Nate Arnold
Bill James
James Irvine
Orin Van Langen
Billy Wise
Jamie Knight
Paul Shaffer
Charles Ince
Jason Hamor
Richard Winn
Chuck Mohn
Jerry Franks
Roy Higgins
Chuck Pongallo
Jim Gilliam
Royce Turney
Clark Cavin
John Bradley
Scott Baird
Daniel Behrens
John Brown
Terry Robbins
David Thorn
Jonathan Brown
Tim Johnson
Dick Bell
Mark Sheldon
Tim Price
Dick Wilson
Mike Beard
Wade Hinkle
Earnie Davis
Walter Vandiver


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