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A Weekend Like No Other — April 2nd

by Jerry Franks

On March 23 & 24, 2018, I was privileged to volunteer with the Bill Glass Behind the Walls prison ministry weekend in Huntsville, Texas.  The weekend event began as this organization trained us to share the gospel with inmates in an appropriate way.

The next day, we entered the jail.  While this is intimidating for many of the volunteers, we knew that we were here as ambassadors for Jesus.  A variety of entertainers and celebrities were brought in by the Behind the Walls ministry team to get the attention of the inmates and to share their testimonies.

After these celebrities presented the gospel, inmates were asked to respond.  Those who were interested in following Christ were asked to meet with us.  The volunteers met with the inmates and read scripture with them.  I was encouraged to see how open they were to the things of God.  It was amazing to watch God’s Word soften their hearts as I spoke. What a joy to watch the Holy Spirit Change their lives!

One man, about 55, said he was a Christian, but as we talked and read scripture, he realized he never had truly prayed to receive Jesus.  His life had been difficult as he had spent it trying to please himself, and his frustration was obvious.  He prayed, and I was able to see his burdens lifted.

I was personally able to see six men in the Walker County Jail pray to receive Christ.  On the next day, I was able to lead five young men (ages 15 to 17) to Christ at Gulf Coast Training Facility.

Overall, 350 Bill Glass teammates saw 3,000 decisions for Christ March 23&24, 2018.  1,000 were 1st time professions.

If you would like to know more about the Bill Glass Behind the Walls ministry, visit this website:

Please pray about joining me on a future trip.