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Meals on Wheels: Caring for Fort Worth's Elderly — September 12th

by Johnny and Cloye Largent

If you are looking for a ministry that will benefit the people in need of our
community please consider Meals on Wheels.  For over ten years, our
church, Southcliff, has delivered meals each day of the week to persons on Westcreek
Route #4.  Most of the clients are elderly and have mobility problems.  You
would have the opportunity to deliver a nutritious meal and visit with
someone who may not see another person all day.

We need your help!  There are permanent and substitute positions
available.  You would only deliver one day a month for an hour and a half.

We have been delivering for ten years and have found all of our
clients to be most appreciative and many have been an inspiration to us
for the way they handle their many problems related to health.   For
example, we have one elderly lady with limited English language skills who
lives alone and must use a walker.  We find her many days sitting on her
couch, reading her bible with a smile on her face and delivers a cheerful
hello and thank you in Spanish.  This absolutely makes our day.


To become a part of Southcliff's Meals on Wheels team, email

For some general information, visit  MEALS_ON_WHEELS


Johnny and Cloye Largent