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Epic Singles Conference — September 14th

On Sept. 8-9, singles from across the metroplex, all generations and backgrounds, gathered for a time of worship and encouragement at Southcliff.  Dr. Eric Mason of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia, PA brought a message of one story, one Hero—that being Jesus Christ.  John McCullough of Brown’s Bridge Church in Atlanta led in worship.

Amy Edgemon of Southcliff said, “The Epic conference really encouraged me and showed me that my demographic of being single is important to my church family. It also showed me areas that I need to lay aside so that I can run my race well here on earth and demolish the strongholds that I have let in and have hindered my relationship with the Lord.”

 Another single said, “The Epic conference was exactly what I needed. Sometimes I pour out more spiritually than I gain from others and Dr. Mason and Mr. McCullough were such a blessing. Dr. Mason's sermons were so eye-opening and really helped me realize what strongholds are in my life and how to follow through with breaking them down. It was great to be treated like a normal part of Christianity instead of just a single, as well. Usually, conferences focus on the singleness. It was amazing that Dr. Mason saw us as a group that can contribute and are a vital part of church growth. Thank you so much for blessing the singles of the DFW area with such a powerful message!”

The definition of Epic is, a long narrative poem with a singular hero. Who is the hero in your story? Per Scripture, the only one worthy to be a hero is Jesus Christ. If you are unmarried in the DFW area our Singles group is a great place to be connected. They meet for small group at 9:20 AM on Sunday mornings on the campus of Southcliff and you are invited!