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Epic Conference, My Perspective — September 26th

By Anthony D Davis

About a year ago I purchased a book by Eric Mason called "MANHOOD RESTORED". I started reading it and after a little while I put it down and never got back to reading it.

I didn't mean to neglect it. I didn't know the author. I had never heard of him. Life just caught up with me and I got busy and never finished reading it.

Fast forward a year. The EPIC Conference was held at Southcliff. I was still busy. Actually, the first night of the conference I got a call from a customer that needed a part delivered to Glen Rose.  I texted Bryan to let him know that I would be really late. He texted me back to say he was praying for a fast "turn-around". My company had the parts ready an hour and 15 minutes earlier than expected. I missed only the first 15 minutes of the conference Friday night. ("Hum, wonder how that happened?")

Friday night was really good but Saturday morning was powerful. On Saturday morning, I check out the books that were for sale. I saw "MANHOOD RESTORED" By Dr. Eric Mason. Baam! So this is the guy! That got my attention.

During the conference session, Dr. Eric Mason talked to us about "Strongholds"... A mindset, thought process, or value system that hinders our (my) spiritual growth. This is an  “unbelieving” belief system. Meaning, sometimes we (I) don't really believe that God will fulfill his promises and/or give us the ability to overcome spiritual obstacles. Guilty as charged. This was a lot to take in and I'm still processing it.

If I had one word to describe this singles conference, it would be Awesome – Over the top good-  Eye-Opening - Life Altering - Life changing. Well, that's more than one word but that couple of days deserves more than a one-word description. The worship music was great, the food was great, and the people were great.

I bought another book by Dr. Eric Mason called "UNLEASHED". I can't wait to read it and to finish reading "MANHOOD RESTORED".

To Bryan, Rhonda and everyone else involved in this conference...GREAT JOB. God bless you all! I know that God has spoken to me through this.

Anthony D Davis