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San Francisco Mission Trip — May 31st

Singles Travel to Bay Area to work with Southcliff Partners

Report from Kyra Westerman

I want to thank the Southcliff family for your support, encouragement, and prayer during the trip to San Francisco. Our Lord is faithful and it was humbling to see how he was answering specific prayers and reaffirming His character and nature in amongst the Send conference and during the trip. I was first made aware of this trip during our Young Adult Fall Kick-off where a local pastor from San Francisco and partner of Southcliff came to speak to us about the call to go and spread the Gospel while explaining how God was moving in the San Francisco area. At the time, I had been struggling with a sense of inadequacy and insecurity which further propelled me down a path of sitting on the sidelines of what God was doing around me. While the pastor was speaking of God’s call for us to go, I felt the Holy Spirit convict me of letting my excuses and fear of not being qualified to keep me participating in his work. As this barrier was being broken down, I felt the Holy Spirit stir up a passion within my heart to abandon my flesh and compel me to follow in obedience to “go”. I was not sure of the details of the trip, but I knew in my heart that God was orchestrating something bigger than I could imagine and I wanted to be a part of what he was doing.

During the trip, God provided distinct moments of teaching and revelation to further break down barriers and open my eyes to new descriptions of what it means to preach and be a missionary. Also, I was able to see the time, volunteer work, and planning that go into each phase of church planting and I feel more informed regarding how to specifically pray for them right now. We were able to participate in setting up for a Sunday service at the Movement Church in Oakland, which meets at a local school auditorium, as well as assist teachers in various work projects that they were unable to perform due to time constraints. In addition, we were able to provide encouragement and prayer to all of the partners in the area and hear the struggles and obstacles that they face in reaching out to the community. We had the privilege to prayer walk in several communities and interact with the people in order to show God’s love, kindness, and compassion upon them. Although this trip did not consist of physical labor, the experiences, relationships, and interactions amongst the people expanded my love for people and the great need to reach the lost in the world. Praise God for all the churches, leaders, and share partners that he is rising up in order to make his name known not only here in Fort Worth and San Francisco but all over the world!

Above:  Kyra helping a special needs teacher get her folders organized. As a representative of the Movement Church (@theMOVEMENToak) she demonstrated God's love in a practical way.

Report from Kimberly Veal

Like a tree planted by streams of water, my roots found refreshment in San Francisco.  To an onlooker, our team may have appeared to be doing very little work, but in the unseen realm. a lot was happening.  Our team did a lot of listening and praying.  We prayed with several people on the street in what is called “the Tenderloin area.”  We prayed with church planters who were in various stages of their work: from researching and cultivating the field to the church gathering for worship and children’s ministry.  We prayed as we drove through the city and as we walked through Little Kabul.  And like most of our work, the growth in my own heart is not yet visible, but I feel the streams of life flowing and building within me.  Hallelujah! God is not finished with me yet!  Philippians 1:6

Right:  Kim working with a Special Needs teacher get her files in order for the end of the school year. She is representing the Movement Church while showing God's love in a practical way.